Movin’ on…

Dear Ice Cube Fans: The time has come for us to move on from our beautiful location at the Dry Ice Factory when our current lease expires on June 30, 2016. Our landlord has been very generous and supportive of us, but our little cow town has grown up into a full blown metropolis, with RiNo being one of the city’s most vibrant and expensive areas, unaffordable to us as an artist run gallery. Growth brings a lot of exciting stuff as well as a lot of upheaval, and we’re riding the ups and downs as are many in our community.
The good news: A new opportunity for a home has opened up that we’re exploring and are excited about!! So, stand by for news of our pending move and continued effort to sustain a venue for up-and-coming as well as established artists in our blossoming metro area! In the meantime, please visit our remaining shows that will run into June of this year.
THANK YOU ALL for your great support over the years!!

—Ice Cube Gallery


The Nkisi Project

Check out the Westword article about The Nkisi Project, a collaborative installation founded by Sarah Rockett, Director of Ice Cube Gallery.  32 Artists from 6 states participated in the effort shown as part of the gallery’s annual group exhibition, InGrained.

Find the article by Susan Froyd here:  The Nkisi Project Brings the Power of Community to Ice Cube Gallery