SWANK [fool] at Ice Cube Gallery – Theresa Anderson and Rebecca Vaughan

by Roger Rapp

Originally published on Colorado Creates, at http://coloradocreates.com/swank-fool-at-ice-cube-gallery-theresa-anderson-and-rebecca-vaughan/

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Theresa Anderson “Flat Broke”

an excerpt from the article “….Integral to her approach is a deep introspection of how she fits into the world as a woman, with all the personal and societal, expectations, limitations and rewards. In her paintings she lays down image and text and then covers or conceals portions of them. The human forms inhabiting some of her paintings seem also to suggest a need for this incomplete disclosure, as figures seem to struggle to escape the background, exuding both confidence and vulnerability.


Theresa Anderson “floral foam and disco balls”

Rebecca Vaughan’s three constructed sculptures speak to similar constraints on the historical female. In Corpse Eater, a pink hoop skirt or bustle, fabricated from metal pallet straps with pink, cast-plastic, floral decoration stands before an aluminum construction platform with a silver lame skirt placed in preparation for the implied ordeal of dressing. This and two other works makes us aware of the required devices and manipulations  that she sees as both the societal and self-impositions on the feminine world.

In a collaborative work, Strut, Anderson and Vaughan have created a piece that provides insight into their exhibit. Leaning upon an aluminum ladder support, a leg form of expandable foam breaks through the restraint of a nylon stocking.  Anderson told me, how the two were pleased to find the double meaning of the word ‘strut’ as both a prideful walk and a mechanical element of a car’s suspension system.  Like the struggle of Anderson’s figures to be recognized and Vaughn’s mechanics in anticipation of public presentation, this work alludes to both of their leitmotif.”

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