Peter Illig. "Transition Team", oil on canvas, courtesy Plus Gallery

Today’s Feature Artist- Peter Illig

 Peter Illig. "Transition Team", oil on canvas, courtesy Plus Gallery
Peter Illig. "Transition Team", oil on canvas, courtesy Plus Gallery

an excerpt from the artist’s website:
“Peter Illig’s works are analogies for human emotions and experiences – American psychological landscapes – reflecting how we think of several things at once. He layers images borrowed from film, TV and cyberspace and his own experience like a coded language of symbols to express his ideas and feelings.”

“Illig is a realist, and a surrealist at the same time. “Once upon a time, the task of the artist was to portray and interpret the ‘real world,’” says Illig.  “Now it is to discern if there is a reality behind the appearance of things. Reality is created by observation. This search through the ‘stuff’ of the world, matter and flesh, is inherently erotic. And so is the act of drawing and painting. By immersing ourselves in the physical, material world, we can see the path to the higher realm, and find the spiritual meanings behind the physical objects.”
“These meanings and objects intersect and overlap – in life, and in Illig’s art. Where does one object end and another begin? Where does one idea end and another begin to form? Can theory become visual?”

And from his Plus+Gallery show:

“Total immersion.

In dream symbolism, water is a metaphor for the depths of human emotions; travels across oceans through water represents an emotional journey. Likewise, shipwreck and immersion are metaphors for emotional turmoil and crisis.  My mind sifts through a pastiche of images, creating a two-way dialog between past and present, order and chaos, art and everyday life.

Like changing channels on a TV, or surfing the web, images move like a sliding puzzle, a gridwork of cultural meanings  –  elusive, oblique references, innuendo, erotic symbolism, implications, metaphors, unclear boundaries, non sequiturs, incongruities, romantic ideas.”

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